Zimbabwe bans hunting after massive protests

26/06/2016 15:10

After a million people in one week signed a petition on the web to President Mugabe, the country has now decided to ban all big game hunting around Hwange National Park. The protest was initiated by Care2, a social network for activists, after the American dentist and big game hunter Walter Palmer last year brutally murdered 13-year-old male lion Cecil who was one of the park's main attractions with its black mane.

With meat as bait Cecil was lured out of the park where Palmer shot him with a bow and arrow, tracked the wounded lion during 40 hours before finally shoting Cecil with rifles and then skinned him. For this Palmer paid 
$ 50 000, including the use of "professional" guides.

Now this form of disgusting "hunting" is banned and we must hope that it is more than lip service.