Maybe there is light in the tunnel?

25/10/2016 16:43


After 7-8 years of increasing poaching for ivory in East Africa, the trend seems to have been broken. In Kenya, last two years strong measures have been taken which drastically has reduced the shooting. Local people, especially the Maasai, have realized that they have much to lose if the elephants disappear.

In Tanzania, President Magufuli steams on to recapture Tanzania's reputation as a country where nature conservation is taken seriously. A task force has been set up which has delivered a series of arrests of high profile individuals suspected of having organized the supply of ivory from parks and reserves, as well as transport to Asia (sometimes Europe). Among other things, the corrupt leadership of the Dar es Salaam port was dismissed and face criminal prosecution, see previous News

Largest capture so far, the Chinese business woman Yang Fenglan, called "Ivory Queen",  is believed to have led a major ivory trading for several decades. As a successful restaurant owner and knowledgeable in the Swahili language, she has moved among Dar es Salaam's elite, while ivory has been hidden in the restaurant's warehouse for shipment mainly to China. Additional main defendants are two Tanzanian men. The trial began last week.