Top Conference in Botswana for elephant survival

26/03/2015 08:55

At the end of March Botswana is hosting two major international conferences on the poaching of elephants and illegal trade in wildlife.

At the first meeting, African Elephant Summit, representatives of 30 governments are attending, including participants from China who are identified as the key player in combating the extinction of the African elephant.
Unless extraordinary measures are taken, the African elephant will be extinct within 10-20 years, experts warn. 100,000 were slaughtered only the last three years, of which 50,000 in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania).
Julian Blance from CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) reports that the organization found a clear link between high infant mortality (a sure sign of poverty) and higher levels of poaching of elephants. Fighting poverty is thus directly linked to the elephant's survival. Learn more here.
Wednesday March 23 was also a Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) held. This illegal trade has annual sales of SEK 150 billion.
Remains to be seen if concrete action is taken. We can only keep our fingers crossed.