Mugabe happily eats elephants and lions

03/03/2015 19:20

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe soon celebrates his 91th birthday and refuses to leave room for the younger generation, as the African king he claims to be. On the birthday feast a giant barbecue at a luxury hotel in Victoria Falls will be serving two (possibly three) elephants, two buffaloes, two sable antelopes (one of the most beautiful and moreover threatened antelopes!!!), five impala antelopes and a lion!!!

It is optional to laugh or cry of misery. In the seventies, we actively supported the liberation struggle against Ian Smith's racist regime in what was then Rhodesia. But like so many other liberation fighters, Mugabe and his ZANU-PF succumbed to corruption and abuse of power. Zimbabwe has for several difficult years tried to maintain tourism in national parks and reserves. To arrange a giant barbecue on the dwindling fauna seems highly counterproductive. We do not assent the chorus of Western countries that attack Mugabe for his nationalist policies, but recognize that it is high time to renew the leadership. Why not more women in management, with the honest intention to improve conditions for the Shona - the people who suffered long enough under the first white and then black authoritarianism.