Camping in Zambia and Tanzania

20/09/2014 14:25

August / September 2014

Zambia - we visited and camped in South and North Luangwa National Parks and Luambe National Park in the northeastern part of the country. Real wilderness. In Luambe we were the only tourists among 500 hippos grunting around the clock in the Luangwa River, just outside our tent.
At the campsite in Mfuwe some elephants have specialized in finding food among the tents and cars. We got a grumpy bugger under our tree who chased us to the other side of the car and then with a leer at us went through our luggage in search of different food.

Tanzania - visiting Iringa and then Ruaha National Park which is a real gem. The campsite is adorable at the edge of the Great Ruaha River, and we were visited by elephants, lions and a genet. An elephant bull that one moment grazed contentedly on a bush 30 meters from our tent soured later when other campers thought he tried to steel the water from the toilet. Hand clapping angered the bull properly because suddenly he chased a somewhat corpulent 60+ gentleman with great running difficulties. He could, however, take shelter in the outhouse and the bull was content to plow straight through the suspended wash line next to the dining room building.
After crossing the country in the south-north direction via Dodoma, Singida and Babati we camped three nights in Tarangire National Park, also a wilderness treasure.