The wildebeest at Ndutu

15/01/2015 10:04

Volcanoes and wildebeest have created the Serengeti.

The great migration comprises a few million herbivores that moves with rainfall during the year. Most are around 1.5 million wildebeest. They move south towards the short grass savannas towards end of the year. During three weeks in February 8000 calves are born  each day on the seemingly endless savannah.

Now we were there January 1 to 3, a little early for calving.

But they were there, everywhere. The last morning we almost missed breakfast at the lodge when thousands of wildebeests insisted to cross the road in front of our car. After 10 minutes, the first zebras turned up and hesitated to pass us. Zebras are said to be more shrewd than the wildebeest which gushes propelled by the search for fresh grass. Many drown or become predator food but they are drops in an ocean of wildebeests.

Anyhow, zebras marked the end of this great herd of wildebeest and we got our breakfast.