The sixth great extinction

29/04/2015 18:53

The world of science in Swedish Public Service Channel 1 on Monday on May 4 presents the five major organic extinctions that have hit Earth during its history. Among researchers called The Big Five (not to be confused with the description of the five African great and "dangerous" animals that white hunters boasted of shooting) these historic occasions decimated the number of animals and entire groups very strongly. The reasons were different natural major changes in the Earth's temperatures and sea levels. At the end of the Permian 250 million years ago over 90% of all marine organisms died out and our planet balanced close to a total extinction of organic life. 65 million years the dinosaurs died out because of a collision with an asteroid of significant size.

Today there is an ongoing sixth major extinction event, but undoubtedly this time the reason is one of Earth's own species: humans. If you do not belong to the today unfortunately all too common indifferent majority of humanity, please check out the program.