Elephant slaughter continues

26/06/2016 21:15

The elephant population in the Selous is moving towards its doom. Of the 110 000 elephants that moved across this vast nature reserve in the 1970s, today barely 15,000 remain. The quest for ivory has reached an industrial level, much depending on the proximity to ports along the Indian Ocean. That this mass murder can continue without effective countermeasures suggests that criminal syndicates are bribing authorities and politicians to look the other way.

WWF International predicts that by 2022, all elephants in the Selous might be gone, if current rates are not broken. Even in national parks Ruaha, Tarangire and Serengeti poaching increases and the authorities seem to always be one step behind.

Tanzania as a tourist destination for nature enthusiasts might be history within a decade. Poaching decimates mainly the elephant population, but rapid population growth makes it increasingly difficult for all animal life to survive on dwindling natural areas. In seven years, the population has risen by 13 million and will soon pass 60 million. In a country that in 1950 had seven million inhabitants. Few dare to talk about it despite the fact that it involves major negative consequences for the population.

So, again, if you want to see elephants, lions and other African animals in their natural environment:
Hurry up, while they are still there!