We started visiting Africa in 1992 and have visited 10 countries in eastern and southern Africa. Well aware of all the problems that existed on this continent we could not resist the very special atmosphere you were surrounded by.

African nature is the frame, greater than Homo sapiens itself, since it is the environment that over millions of years shaped us into who we are today. Romans spoke of mal d'Africa describing it as a capturing embrace that, if once experienced, was never forgotten. Modern Westerners have been fascinated by the mystery, without being able to put words to the experience.

Marita, Per och RAV4 -96

We learn throughout life

Someone has said that one day in the African bush can change one's life. For us that happened.
One should travel in order to detect this side of Africa. Not only nature and animals, but also people who live simple but comfortable lives in the countryside. Always close to a hearty laugh, and lots to teach us...

First time?

For a first-time visitor the meeting with Africa can be an almost shattering experience. So many new impressions in such a short time.
One should therefore prepare and then take it easy once you are traveling.
Do not rush between the parks to "keep up". The grand context is lost. It is needed to fully enjoy the performance Africa offers.

It also provides a new perspective on our role in life and relationship with nature.


Safari njema - Nice trip!