Meave Leakey

English woman that via a doctorate in zoology and primate studies at Tigoni Primate Research Centre, administered by Louis Leakey, met Richard Leakey and was invited to participate in the then newly opened excavations at Lake Turkana. This led to the wedding in 1970.
During 25 years of work at Koobi Fora there were a series of startling discoveries made that cast further light on early human history. Among the finds was included a newly discovered species, Australopithecus anamensis, 1994.
2001 an important discovery was made with the finding of Kenyanthropus, which after the customary academic examinations within the scientific community finally was recognized as a representative of a new genus of hominids. It basically meant that there are several candidates for which species is man's original.

In other words, the human development is not a line, rather a tree with many branches and shoots. How the different findings are linked dare no longer scholars emphatically assert.

The reprimand on the academic prestige is probably one of Meave's greatest contribution to archeology.