Travel stories and photos

That is what this web page is about. Mainly from east Africa, particularly Tanzania.

The last 22 years, every year we have made longer travels of 3-6 weeks. Ten countries in eastern and southern part of the continent has been visited, but our great interest in nature led us to stick to Tanzania. The country's national parks and reserves provide a variety of large wild land that no other African country can match. Outside the protected areas you can also find many natural pearls.

The huge lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa, the volcanic Rift Valley, rainforests, and the Indian Ocean give you a smorgasbord of delicious sights to taste. In one single country.

Serengeti is familiar to everyone, but that one of Africa's largest national parks is located in southern Tanzania and named Ruaha, few are aware of. Very beautiful it holds one of the coolest camp sites we have ever experienced. Among elephants, hippos and birds at the edge of the Great Ruaha River life offers another dimension. Learn more about what we have been up to under Travel  stories.

Pictures and videos are of course advantageous for ones memories. Marita's photos try to capture the big picture, the light and the atmosphere. In these times of extreme sharpness in extreme close-ups, she tries instead to depict reality as the human eyes perceive the environment. You will find some of her best pictures  under Pho tos (continuously but irregularly updated).

Per is a happy film amateur and will gradually present memorable sequences under Videos.

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We do not sell travels but has a longstanding relationship with a safari company in Arusha. Comfort Holidays is run by local Tanzanians with long experience in the industry and contacts everywhere in society. They are used to serve clients worldwide, especially the US, Europe and currently also Middle East and China. Simon Mutire is one of two partners and a close and dear friend of ours. Problems that cannot be resolved does not exist for this kind and energetic man.

You and we can together tailor a trip just for you. To extremely competitive prices even compared to the "standard range" of savannahs and sea holidays. Contact us if you are seriously interested in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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When we ourselves are traveling we are primarily camping but otherwise there is an almost endless supply of fresh but inexpensive b/b basically everywhere. USD 20-30 per night for two people including breakfast (often spartan), fresh beds and our own toilet/shower is quite okay. USD 10-20 for camping with access to toilet and shower is nothing we complain of.

Travelling in locations unknown to us is something many of us appreciate. If it is done in a pleasant climate among helpful people and not far from spectacular highlights, life becomes easy to live.



The beauty of nature lies in its details,
the message in its generality.
Stephen Jay Gould

All I wanted to do now was get back to Africa.
We had not left it, yet, but when I would wake
in the night I would lie, listening,
homesick for it already.
    Ernest Hemmingway - Green Hills of Africa

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