Amateur film on safari is difficult, not least sonically. With a decent camera, images may sometimes be good but the sound with an external microphone without balanced transmission is often less of a disaster. Of all hours of video that I shot some sequences here and there holds at least for viewing via the Internet.

Some sequences will gradually be posted here. Lots of elephants. As you noticed in our news, we try to pay attention to the on-going brutal slaughter of the African elephant. People familiar with these events claim that if not the greatest of all terrestrial beings can be saved from extinction because of human greed and stupidity, what can we preserve to those who come after us?


Mount Meru - Tanzania 2012

A piece of Sweden - Sand Island, Baltic sea

Elephants swimming - just when we thought the game drive was over

African elephant - a magnificent creature currently being wiped out

A thoughtful elephant - a sequence from Save The African Elephants!


Nervous elephants - in Selous elephant population was decimated from 45 000 in 2009 to less than 15 000 four years later.
About 20 per day were slaughtered in this one spot.